Who is Pacific Voices


Pacific Voices is a community choir whose purpose is to bring together singers for a joyous and supportive choral and social experience. Through our music, our loving connection and the honoring of diverse musical and spiritual traditions, we inspire audiences and each other in a way that enriches all our lives.

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Upcoming Events: 2023
We start rehearsing again on September 6th at Trinity Presbyterian Chruch at 420 Melrose Ave, Santa Cruz (Wednesdays 6:30-9:00 pm.)
Come and Bring a Singing Friend!

Save the Date: Our next Concert Series: Exploring our Ancestry will be December 1st at 7 pm and Dec 2nd at 2 pm, 2023 at Peace United Church

The theme encompasses a musical exploration of songs honoring  ancestry, paying homage to the past, holding archetypes of  ancestors as spiritual and historic guides, and making promises  to be good ancestors for generations to come. Rehearsals are held in person, masking is optional. Music learning tracks are available on our website.  

Our artistic director, Crista Berryessa, will be leading an additional  ‘deep dive’ into the subject matter outside of rehearsal. This  group exploration will be scheduled for four meetings over the  span of the season (Zoom is an option) and is open to singers and  friends or family who plan to be in the audience. The sessions  are for those who want to trace their personal ancestry, share  traditions/stories from the past, and research, reconnect, or reckon with their lineages in support of future generations. 

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For more information contact : cristaberryessa@gmail.com


Previous Concert:Honor the Earth, our 29th annual spring concert, was on Friday May 26 and Saturday May 27

The concert was dedicated to climate awareness, Honoring our Earth and all who inhabit her, highlighting areas that are affected by climate change. 

Our program featured music from around the world, featuring many styles and including Indigenous composers. We offer these songs with gratitude, urgency, and hope.

Under the Artistic Direction of Crista Berryessa, Pacific Voices choir is known for delivering concerts that explore our shared human experience through classical, contemporary, jazz and world choral music.

This event provided a fund-raising opportunity for our local Santa Cruz Climate Action Network. Information was also provided about other key groups in our county making a positive impact on issues of climate change.

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